Sunset Dreams: The Lion King

Watch Sunset Dreams: The Lion King

An entirely improvised comedy about Ben and Barbara, two naïve but earnest performers at a declining British holiday park, struggling to pull together a two-person version of The Lion…

Ben and Barbara looking at laptop

This year we’re going to film a TV show

In 2014, Mattias Penman, Lydia Hourihan and I made an improvised character comedy set on a perpetually off-season caravan park: the Sunset Dreams Resort. We screened it, people seemed…

Shoot For The Moon: a short film about space exploration


An animated children’s series set in outer space

Meet Rapunzler and Chuck (and the Moon Squirrel). They’re the stars of our new children’s series about an unlikely friendship set in the lonely twilight of outer space.


IO9, TechTimes and Future Martians

A couple of weeks ago we launched our short film Shoot For The Moon on YouTube. In fourteen days, we’ve racked up 20,000 views, been featured by the world’s leading…

Mrs Spittlecheeks

At Home With Mother Spittlecheeks

My favourite still from a sketch I’m directing for comedy group Zazu. Watch With Mother gone wrong.

Sunset Dreams teaser 3: Visualising the audience

The third and final teaser for our improvised comedy Sunset Dreams.

Skepticism: The New Miracle Life-Cure

A sketch I directed and co-wrote. It won Best Science Video at the 2013 Ockham Awards.