Test shoot - Wild Girda

Beat Yourself

Currently shooting Beat Yourself, a campaign encouraging people to set a personal best in 2016. Dir. Chris Wickett. DoP. Andrew Rodger. Featuring Lydia Hourihan.

Caravan park Sunset Dreams

Sunset Dreams: a holiday park sitcom – funded

We’ve successfully funded our pilot for Sunset Dreams on Kickstarter. The pilot will be produced by Tremendous Pictures and is slated to shoot summer 2016.

Mrs Spittlecheeks

At Home With Mother Spittlecheeks

Sketch, for Zazu. Watch With Mother gone 1984. Dir. Chris Wickett. Written by Harrie Hayes, Tom Machell, Nick Read, Maddie Rice and Katharine Armitage. DoP. Andrew Rodger. Series…

Sunset Dreams: The Lion King

Watch Sunset Dreams: The Lion King

Our improvised comedy about two naïve but earnest performers at a declining British holiday park. We are now developing this into a full pilot.

Shoot For The Moon: a short film about space exploration

A homeless astronaut sets out for the moon armed with nothing more than a travel case, some bottle rockets and a trolley-load of ambition. Dir. Chris Wickett. Written...


IO9, TechTimes and Future Martians

A couple of weeks ago we launched our short film Shoot For The Moon on YouTube. In fourteen days, we’ve racked up 20,000 views, been featured by the world’s leading…

Skepticism: The New Miracle Life-Cure

A sketch I directed and co-wrote. It won Best Science Video at the 2013 Ockham Awards.