I’m back after a brilliant, chips-and-vinegar-fuelled week at the British seaside shooting my comedy pilot Sunset Dreams. See BTS shots and other tidbits over on our Sunset Dream Facebook page.

Sunset Dreams: the pilot
Tremendous Pictures

Written by Chris Wickett, Lydia Hourihan and Mattias Penman
Directed by Chris Wickett
Produced by Syd Heather

Director of Photography – Andrew Rodger
Editors – Jon Dean and Chris Wickett
Casting Director – Jenna Bamberger
Costume Designer – Nicole Garbett

Ben – Mattias Penman
Barbara – Lydia Hourihan
Clem – John Ramm
Fast Joel – Rasmus Hardiker
Anne – Emily Joyce
Maren – Marnie Baxter
Des – Pablo Raybould
Mick – Philip Whitchurch
Stace – Terenia Edwards
Gary – Andrew Utley